Thursday, July 12, 2007

Start Your Own Social Network - Kickapps

An alternative to Ning? Run your own social network. I'd be interested to know what others think of the application. Last time I tried, uploading video took too long and caused a time out. However the blog features are interesting, members can create text, video or audio blogs right from inside the site. Group creation is also possible as are both user and media moderation. The app also includes member profile page, message boards/forums and widgets that can be embedded in other websites and blogs.
My biggest problem is the Google Ads Box which is slap bang at the top of every page. (I may have mentioned before that the ads that appear in Hebrew are often quite unsuitable for en educational setting.)

I've set up a test site if anyone wants to just try it out for size.

Visitors select a username and password to join the community. User profiles contain all of the popular social networking features, including:

Biography and personal questions. As defined by your webmaster. Videos, Photos and Audio. Upload, share, tag, and save favorites. Blogs. Video, audio, or plain text. RSS feeds. Your feeds and new ones added by your members Guest books. Members can leave and receive messages Friends. Link to other community members, invite others to join


Anonymous said...

You can remove the ads from KickApps by calling the company and paying a fee, and you can also insert your own ads if that's something you want to do. They use Akamai for serving all their video, so performance is usually good. The the reason I choose KickApps over Ning is that I can build the KickApps social network at my regular website using their widgets and video players instead of on a Ning home page template. I'm waiting until end of week because of the upgrade described on the site...I'll know more then.

Iteachr said...

Thanks for the info, I am interested in using Kickapps in elementary school, so I certainly don't want ads there of any kind mine or anyone else's. I wasn't aware it was possible to remove ads - I'll have to find out how much that would cost.
I have been having real problems uploading video, the site times out before the upload finishes.
I wonder if it's possible to embed widgets from other sites, will have to check that one out.

javieth said...

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