Sunday, July 8, 2007

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Put your documents online.
PDF player to publish and view documents right in your web browser. Try it out!-->Scribd's mission is to create the world's largest open library of documents. Explore the thousands of docs already uploaded or contribute your own!
What kinds of things can I do with documents on Scribd?
To name a few:
Display documents in a web browser using our custom Flash PDF player
Perform high quality conversions between many different formats, including Word, PDF, plain text, HTML, JPEG, PowerPoint, Excel, Postscript, LIT, and even audio format
See all sorts of detailed information on who is viewing each of your documents, including the geographic locations of visitors and how people got to your doc (i.e., Google queries)
Publish a document online with its own public URL that will be indexed by Google and other search engines and be read by a lot of people
Embed a long or complex document in your blog or personal webpage
Convert a document to an mp3 that you can listen to on your iPod
Bulk upload files (that's right, storage is unlimited!)
Receive "likes" and comments on your documents
Choose among a variety of copyright licenses for each of your documents
Discover documents related to your own using our similarity algorithm
Analyze the text of your docs (how does your sentence length compare to the Scribd average?)
Browse popular documents using view counts, likes, tags, our similarity algorithm, and other ways that let you find content that is interesting to you

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