Sunday, July 8, 2007

Blogger in Draft - video upload capabilities

Liking to think of myself as an "early adopter" I clicked on the link to blogger in draft in my blogger dashboard and discovered that I can now upload videos, add polls and also create "enclosures", the latter is still a bit unclear to me but hey, if I can upload videos here then sounds good to me. Lets have a go this video from From The Fischbowl:

Uploading seems to be taking for ever... 21:00 21:11 21:21 21:33 going to cancel upload and try again. 00:08 - 00:17 - 00:35 - 00-41 well giving up on that video - you can see it at the above website, in the meantime lets try another.

21:35 21:37 much better probably a smaller video - yes about 9 mega smaller!

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