Monday, December 3, 2007

WildVoiceStudio - Podcasting software and hosting

CSouthard asked through Twitter about Podcasting sites as podcastpeople is "playing up".
Remembered I had once saved a list of Podcasting tools and resources from Mashable.

Took another look at the list and found WildVoiceStudio which offers free download of a podcasting studio and free hosting for your podcasts - Very user friendly. Also includes free hosting, if you don't mind ads. Only disadvantges I have found so far, you need to have on your computer and you have to sign in to the site in order to create a podcast, (or maybe my pc was just playing up)

As I don't like ads when they're all pasted over my page, I came up with this solution. Created podcast in the free podcast studio app and uploaded directly from app to my page on the site. (The mp3 is also saved on your computer) Copied link to mp3 and pasted in Ning music player. Copied embed code for the Ning music player and added it to my blogger. Way easy!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Checking out Flock

Downloaded Flock and am now checking out the blog tool.  I guess I'm supposed to be able to blog directly from here.  Been overexposed to web20 lately and will take some time for me to get thoughts straight enough for my serious blog.  So will post this to isandbox.


Blogged with Flock

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