Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Google Toolbar - Finally added it

Let me start by saying I hate adding toolbars to my browser! They fill up my screen and do things I don't want them to do, particularly the dreaded, hated popup blocker.

However since starting this blog I've been looking for a way to post from web pages directly. Blogger used to have a nice little bookmarklet which did just that.
It seems that the new blogger doesn't have a stand alone bookmarklet and so I had to make the choice either continue saving snippets for later or get the bookmarklet which is now packaged along with the Google toolbar.

I decided to go for the latter and so have added the toolbar.

The previous post pointing to an Introduction to Rss on Infinite Thinking Machine was posted this way.

1 comment:

gittel said...

Why didnt you opt for something like de.li.cious.net for bookmarking on the net so you could access your bookmarks wherever you are?

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the audacity of it

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